Posted on June 26, 2013
Location: London

Transformation is the word comes into mind, when I think about Sonam's performance in Raanjhanaa. Never was a huge fan of hers. It perhaps was the second movie of Sonam, I was watching after Sawariyaa in 2007. I can see the changes in her. I feel it would be like a new beginning for her. It's like what happened to Karisma Kapoor after 'Raja Hindustani' or Shabana Azmi in 'Arth'.

Simplicity is what comes into my mind quite often these days. Simplicity can be source of all sorts of positive energies. Energy which can be so capacious that it can transform, it can transcend, it can transmit and it can transpire. All that it did to people of India and Bollywood fans across the globe. And a star was born...Dhanush. Now I am looking forward to Dhanus's next movie already.

If all the credit goes to Dhanush and Sonam, what is left for Director, Anand Rai? What can I say? Was thinking on my way back home, direction is about story telling. Everyone is capable of telling a story, how good one is in comparison to other is what makes one stand out. Its bit of an art for sure, which is inbuilt in a person and it is also own experiences as well. One can portray city Varanasi so beautifully in a movie, only he/she has experienced the same in real-life. And director Anand Rai comes across as a person will lot of experience and lot of story to tell. Millind Luthria (Director of Once Upon a Time in Mumbai and Dirty Picture) is another director in recent time, who I real like.

And what about Dhanush’s onscreen friend Murari, played by Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub who has some of the best dialogues to his credit: “Mohalle ke aashiqon ke pyaar ko aksar engineer doctor hi udaa lejaate hain”.

While Dhanush is crazy for Zoya/Sonam Kapoor, Bindiya (Played by Swara Bhaskar) is crazy for him, with bold dialogues like, “baapu ke kapde to phaad diye, hamare kab… ” to which Dhanush replies, “Kundan ke pyajame ka naada itna dheela nahi, ki blouse ke huk se khul jaye”

Murari and Bindiya put the life in the first half of the movie, while the politics in the second, coupled with some great one-liners and scenes involving Dhanush makes it worth a watch.

I’m going with 4 out of 5, for this Dhanush Starrer. Cast yours now…its running full house, in a theater near to you!

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