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Mainland China - Chinese Restaurant @ Bhubaneswar!

Posted on February 1, 2014
Location: Bhubaneswar, India
Mainland China - Chinese Restaurant @ Bhubaneswar!

We friends definitely have one thing in common…passion for food! On our way back from Delhi to Bhubaneswar, we discussed about the “Biggest LOBSTER” based dish, in the menu of “Mainland China” restaurant in Bhubaneswar. Without further delay, we arrived in time to please our heart, soul and mind with this incredible indo-Chinese food chain, which has almost become a house hold name in India, in the recent years.

This is undoubtedly the best place to have authentic Chinese food in Bhubaneswar. The quality of food is unmatched, the presentation is appealing to the senses, the ambience welcoming and the food has to be tasted to be believed! Only area for improvement seems to be the ability of the staff to explain (knowledgably) the preparations to the curious customer, as like MYSELF.

I have been a regular visitor in Mainland China across India and I must say that the taste of the food and menu items varies across places.  I may not rate it as good as the Mainland China in Mumbai or Delhi or Hyderabad but does not matter, it is equally good and I was satisfied. Mainland china continues to deliver some amazing dishes…the “ginger chicken” we tried was absolutely awesome, simply melts in the mouth. Friend suggested a mint based mocktail, which was very refreshing as well. 

Many of my friends mentioned about the lunch buffet, held at Mainland China, everyday. I shall try this with my Dad, after my mom is out of the hospital. Hmm? Guess what? The restaurant is just a walkable distance (1/4 KM) from home - what more do I want? Anyone visiting my home today?

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