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HK Dinner Chinese Restaurant @ China Town, London

Posted on June 27, 2013
Location: London
HK Dinner Chinese Restaurant @ China Town, London

Definitely – Salt & Pepper Prawn, in taste and in brains today. Perfect Friday evening! And that too; at my favourite Chinese joint, “HK Dinner” at China Town, London. I discovered this place accidentally on the same month-year I must have landed in the UK and since then we have been regular there. Staffs know me well and stopped taking orders. They know very well, what we eat there, which has never changed since last few years. Yes, SALT & PEPPER prawns!

Reminds me; in the past, when CLUBBING (as they say it; in the USA & in Australia) used to be BIG part of Friday evenings – we used to JUST have dessert on Friday evenings and NOTHING ELSE; with some drinks of course. Light enough to rock and roll. I think, big part of British culture on a Friday evening is PUBBING, which goes long enough into the night, which ends up with a heavy curry meal. Nice too, but I liked the dessert meal (Generally I like; warm cakes with some single cream & few mint leafs on the top – heaven!). I don’t drink beer much, SO!

They say Glucose is an excellent source for energy & cheerfulness – all that needed for CLUBBING may be. See! That was the secret, why Australians eat dessert before CLUBBING. And when particles of Glucose mix with your blood stream that elevated the performance on the dance floor.

Amongst all the popular songs in the chart; Usher’s song used to be extra special. Everyone used go crazy with that song.

I don’t do partiality. For those who liked PUBBING and a CURRY afterwards – here is the Glucose…

Goodnight comrades! Have a wonderful weekend and remember? Lots of smile, please please please... That’s good, keep doing. Thank you. Lots of XOXOs!

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