Posted on March 30, 2013
Location: London

As I turned my face, I found him starring at me all these time, while I was enjoying my food , without really caring for the surroundings, as I always do. He was one of my elders and we were at a restaurant, having our dinner together. Realizing my embarrassment; he said “FOOD IS GOD”, you know? How you mean? I enquired. He explained that it was apparently told by Shri Sathya Sai Baba (Indian guru, spiritual figure) to a debatable topic “What is GOD, which form we can find him, what is his influence in our life”?

An individual with empty stomach can neither think nor act correctly. He/She is also going to have no energy to think. The person is certain to sink into death-like tiredness. Basically we cannot do socializing; rather our social instinct would totally be smothered. None can differ that; charity commences at home. We are selfish sufficiently to come up with ourselves first; then of other people. Food gives us the urge to choose up other actions of life. Without food we lose both mental and physical power and feel debilitated. No one wants to give up the food for the benefit of some of social or political activities. No-ways. In simple terms we can’t survive without food. Food is the one of the inseparable needs of our life.

And like my other good friend said recently: those who love food are generally good at heart – research proves it apparently. And I am sure, GOD lives within them as well, who loves food. Don’t take it serious. I only said the last statement, just made it up – because I love food, I love the variety in food and I love the smell and color of food and the way food connects us with others socially, in a more profound way. NO? Think about it. I am lucky, all my family members, friends, acquaintances are all foodies! So we are all good at heart.

Food is GOD – what’s a wonderful PHRASE it is. I am sure this will make us enjoy our food more today and always, knowing…

No No – I want to make it very clear. This does not give us any excuse to indulge more with the food and cause more damages to our health with excessive indulgence. I think – we should indulge carefully, only with the food that tastes special. And for the rest of the food, we should behave (ourselves) like animals. Animals eat, exactly the same quantity every day, same food every day and eat ONLY which tastes good to them, not because it tasted good to their friends/families. That’s why they don’t suffer from Indigestion, Diarrhea, Heart-burn, Diabetics and Obesity problems, as we intelligent species suffer from. Because we indulge and animals are disciplined with the food.

Earlier in my life, I used to get really upset – when friends used to tease me about the STATE I came from “ODISHA”. They used to say: “There is South India food, North Indian food, Andhra food, Goanese food, Konkani food, Maharastrian food, Marwari food, Punjabi food, Rajastani food, Guajarati food, Bengali food, but we never heard about ODIYA/Oriya food. You come from a jungle”.

They still say but I don’t mind at all because I know they love me. Friends from Australia used to call me an OREO (Like that yummy biscuit brand, remember?), because I came from Orissa (State used to be known as Orissa then, now ODISHA). Cool stuff, Oreo! But if my friends went to Odisha, tasted the food there – they will have better things to say about our food. And rest about it being not marketed as food from other parts of India. Little more waiting time, we’ll be there…soon, very soon. In the mean time – some delicacies from ODISHA, for your eyes only (Source: Foodies of Bhubaneswar-Cuttack).

Enjoy your Saturday, comrades. And enjoy your food today but do not forget – it’s your smile! That’s right. Love you all.

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