Mari Vanna Russian Restaurant & Bvlgari lounge

Posted on August 19
Location: London
Mari Vanna Russian Restaurant & Bvlgari lounge

Friends are forever, very indeed! Can I make mistake thinking it a coincidence? Not really. I didn’t carefully choose them; they just happened in the course of life and got stuck because pleasure was bidirectional, otherwise wouldn’t have lasted for so long. Its amazing how all my friends think alike, how we share same values, how our interests match and how they come knocking when I am either feeling low or high. That’s what connection is; a bond, which I hope will continue forever!

Evening out with good friend Artem form Russia yesterday! Artem is in London doing shopping for his upcoming wedding, wow….how exciting….In Italy! Fairy tale type (Bells, antique Churches, Sea facing venue, White suits and gowns for the newly pronounced couple, Orchids, Lilies and me of course as the photographer)! I offered my expertise to be the Wedding photographer, showed him some of my photography work from Facebook albums. He appeared convinced, assured me that he will scrutinize them in detail, before confirming my job as wedding photographer. Naaaaah, I am just kidding. He will send me an invite anyways. It will be good because I can celebrate my birthday as well in Italy, which happens to be around same time as his wedding day.

Thanks to Artem, I have been a true enthusiast of Russian food. And that’s where you wish to live in a city like London, absolutely multicultural, you name the activity or food you fancy and its right at your affordable reach.

Last time we went to “Borshtch 'n' Tears” and this time we went to “Mari Vanna”. Fish Soups, Salty Fish Salad, Dumplings, Cheese Pizza, Koftes, and Fried Patotos….love Russian food, very healthy as well. We had to wait for two hours to get a table though, can imagine on Friday evening and in the happening Mayfair part of the city

Well; we didn’t mind the wait at all because right across the road, we found Bvlgari hotel & lounge to make ourselves comfortable, what an amazing place! Artem needed to have Wi-Fi access to show me something online, so solved the purpose. Extremely rare breed of cocktails, if anyone fancies a good one.

Of all the cities I have travelled in FIVE different continents, I think TAXIs in the London city are the smartest looking; they are so sexy, like BIG B says in the movie Cheeni Kum. I can rank them as poor man’s limousine, to that extend, for them being so comfortable, stylish and equipped. Have you tried lately? – Not a bad idea in a weekend evening.

Please enjoy your day and I shall connect with you again in the evening. Till then, lots of smiles…


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