Bhubaneswar Street Food!

Posted on February 5, 2014
Location: Bhubaneswar, India
Bhubaneswar Street Food!

Bhubaneswar is one of the fastest growing cities in Asia!!!  Basically, my friends found it really difficult to believe that the capital city of Odisha is growing fast enough to even compete for that title. After all, Odisha is infamous for its poverty-stricken, famished population in some of the most backward districts of India. 

Whether or not; Bhubaneswar is definitely the fastest growing city in one popular area…food! Whether we are a localite or non-resident or just a tourist to the city, we can’t escape the aroma of the street foods in the city. We Bhubaneswarians have a thing for street foods, which is evident from the insanely crowded fast food stalls located across the city.   In the past decade Bhubaneshwar has seen a sea of change. The same can also be said about the places to eat out.

Rightly said; Over the past decade, the city has witnessed the infiltration of many restaurants, hotels and even leading food chains such as: dominos, pizza hut, and subway. The growth of food chains has offered city dwellers an eclectic array of food options to choose from. For example, these days, we can spend a few extra bucks and enjoy cuisines ranging from Chinese to Italian to mexican in our very own city. Interestingly, despite the invasion of pizzas, burgers and sandwiches, the popular madness for desi street foods has remained largely unscathed. The mouthwatering whiff of Gupchup and Dahi-Bara or rolls or chicken pakodas or chowmin or Chat; as we go past the food venders on our way to college or work, is enough to drive us crazy.

No matter how rich we are or how sophisticated our taste is, these street foods unite the city, drawing all street-food lovers closer as they share the same space on a daily basis. While hygiene standards will differ from vendor to vendor, I strongly recommend us consume these fast foods by the roadside in pure desi style unless we are hyper sensitive to cleanliness.

It’s about all unique local street foods that virtually every Odia would go weak at the knees for. Let’s go indulge ourselves in the mouthwatering flavors of street foods of the city and enjoy great fun with our friends and family. MY TOP PICKS ARE:


1. Royal Biryani at Buxi Bazar
2. Dahi Bara at Raghu's (Ring Road)
3. "Chops" at Professorpara
4. Nana's Hotel at NH 5
5. Akbari Continental
6. Hotel Bishal


1. Mainland China (Chinese)
2. The Marrion - Shanghai (Chinese)
3. The Great Kabab Factory 
4. Pizza Hut
5. Mayfair (Has Naqli Dhaba for Indian and two other restaurants)
6. Venus Inn (South Indian)
7. Swarna (South Indian)
8. HHI (Kababs)
9. Dalema (Oriya cuisine)
10. Kababs near Venus Inn


1. Hans Coco Palms
2. Holiday Resorts
3. Wild Grass
4. Chung Wah (Chinese)
5. Sea food at Bidesh Ghar
6. Honey Bee
7. The Peace Restaurant 
8. The Pink House (Sea Food)
9. The Chanakya BNR
10. Mayfair

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