Anything without additives is good for you!

Posted on March 16, 2013
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Anything without  additives is good for you!

Bhai-jaan : What are you doing? Why are you up, so late in the night?
Chote Nawab : JUST! I was not getting sleep, hence came online?

Bhai-jaan : Bekaar ki baat! (I don’t buy that!) I am sure you saw Deepika in your dreams, got scared, and got up! Otherwise how come you sound/appear so fresh, in the middle of the night, 02:30am IST?

Next day morning:
Chote Nawab : Bhai-jaan, thank you. You gave me a good idea for getting sleep quickly, it worked.
Bhai-jaan : Which idea? Pranayam(Yoga)? Or Deepika or Diana Penty?

Chote Nawab : Haa Haa, honestly Diana Penty!

Bhai-jaan : Naaaaaaaahiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!! Bhai-jaan keliye Diana Penty ko chod do, usko chod do!

Chote Nawab : Itni si baat (It’s a small thing)…Bhai-jaan keliye (for Bhai-jaan) Penty QURBAAN(I shall sacrifice Diana Penty)!

Bhai-jaan : No No, mein bada hoon (No No; I am elder), I shall give Qurbani (I should Sacrifice)
Chote Nawab : Ok, Ok. I accept. You can give Qurbani because you are Bhai-jaan.

That was the animated conversation this morning between my cousin and me. I call him “Chote Nawab”, because he likes Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. And the one who plays these two lovely ladies interchangeably; in real-reel life is Saif Ali Khan, also known as Chote Nawab. He calls me “Bhai-jaan” because its known fact; from India to Australia to UK to USA, all know I am a die-hard fan of Salman Khan, who is also known as “Bhai-jaan”.

And he thinks it is natural for Bhai-jaan to sacrifice because; that what Bhai-jaan is known for, sacrificing things for others with or without a choice. People come to his life, take advantage and leave him at the end; time and again. That is why he is my hero, because he stands tall; out of all these misery and continues to make himself available for others, always! It is better to in a state where you sacrifice; you are cheated - than you are cheating someone.

As long as you are not cheating anyone, as long as you are not harsh/unfair with someone, as long as you are not thinking illegal; s uch as about a sisterly figure, a motherly figure, about someone else’s love/wife; as long as you are thinking about someone just to appreciate, to respect, to love, to admire – what’s wrong? No Pabandhi (restriction/law restricting you) to love someone!

Amazing how there are social laws, which are not state law, which varies from society to society, from country to country – JUST to define what is GOOD and what is BAD! But how to derive a conclusion: what is good and what is bad? I often wonder and I apply one simple rule to every situation/condition.

They say; any food that tastes good without too much additives is good for you, not the ones which are advertised in the magazines or newspapers or televisions. For example: in order to make Coffee taste good you have to add milk to it, you have to add sugar to it, and may be bit of chocolate/cinnamon powder and what not. So; if all that it takes to make coffee drinkable, how can it be good for you? And a glass of water or orange juice or milk, you can drink them as much as you like and with pleasure. So they are good for you, no brainer!

Similarly; with a relationship/friendship in your life, APPLY the above coffee making logic and see how much additives it required for it to sustain!

In the moments of confusion! – It is better to choose NATUAL, than the one with ADDITIVES. It is better to choose LIBERATION, than INCARCERATION! Is n’t it? It is better to choose Bhai-jaan than King-Khan!


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